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The BEST place to come for Permanent Makeup in Wilmington

The BEST place to come for Permanent Makeup in WilmingtonThe BEST place to come for Permanent Makeup in Wilmington

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Wake up with Makeup

Your Permanent Makeup Arist

Wake up with Makeup


Permanent Makeup Enhances Your Natural Beauty & Simplifies Your Life

Imagine waking up every morning with perfectly full brows or never having to worry about smudging your eyebrows or lips, sounds pretty amazing right?  

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, Micro Pigmentation, Microblading or 3D Brow procedures can help balance your features, enhance your eyes, beauty marks, brows and lips and even hide minor imperfections.

Permanent Makeup is not only perfect for people that want to simplify and speed up their beauty routines but it is also a great solution for people who are suffering from allergies to cosmetics, hair loss due to illness or chemotherapy, loss of eyesight or unsteady hands. 

The more multitasking, efficient, and long-lasting the product, the better—and permanent makeup takes this idea to a whole new level with this specialized tattoo procedure.

Are You A Candidate For Permanent Makeup in Wilmington?

Do you shake too much to draw on your eyeliner or eyebrows?  Is your eyesight failing and don't want to struggle with the application anymore?  Are you a Doctor or a Nurse and work long hours?  Are you an athlete who sweats too much to keep makeup on?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then permanent makeup is perfect for you and we would love to be your chosen artist to enhance your facial features!

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup is life changing for women and men and includes Microblading Eyebrows in Wilmington, permanent lip color. Eyeliner permanent makeup lasts 3-5+ years depending on skin type.  After 1 year, clients may receive a discounted color boost  if needed or ask about our referral program so you'll never have to pay full price again for a procedure or maintenance.


Our Salon

Your Permanent Makeup Arist

Wake up with Makeup


In our heart based, sacred space salon, women and men can come in and feel comfortable, get pampered, relax and transform themselves.  You deserve to treat yourself beautifully.

Call today: 910-448-2545 to set up a consultation appointment.

We would like to welcome you to the Dragonfly Family!

Procedure Appoiontment Includes:

  • Consultation with discussion about placement, shape and color
  • Completion of paperwork with medical history
  • Numbing procedure
  • Procedure(s)
  • Aftercare instructions explained
  • Aftercare products explained
  • 30 Day follow-up appointment required and included

Whats in Our Toolbox:

We use only Vegan Permanent Makeup Pigments by Soft tap, Tina Davies Permablend and the best World Famous Inks for Tattooing.

For Permanent Makeup Procedures we use:

~Soft tap Comfort System

~Linda Dixon's Skin Master Love

For Tattooing and Certain Makeup Procedures:

~Cheyenne HAWK Pen

~Cheyenne Thunder Machine

~Will Anthony's Prince Coil Machine

Only the best aftercare product for our clients:

After Inked


Your Permanent Makeup Arist

Your Permanent Makeup Arist

Your Permanent Makeup Arist


Shannon Mackay has studied music and Art her entire life.  As a Professional Photographer for 18 years and a Graphic Designer for 35 years, Shannon has developed an eye for perfection and attention to detail.  She loves helping others feel good about themselves and becoming a Permanent Makeup Artist 5 1/2  years ago was such a natural progression in her career.   From her very first procedure on a bare set of brows she was hooked!  When she handed her client the mirror and she was thrilled to have her face back again, it filled her heart with joy! 

Why Dragonfly in our name? Shannon relates highly to the Spirit of the Dragonfly totem in her life.  We are all upon this planet for such a short time and we are never too old to make a transformation in ourselves.  

It is said that those who have the Dragonfly as a spirit animal show their true colors and shine their brightest; they often exert a fascinating influence and arouse curiosity in others around them.  Those who hold the Dragonfly totem also develop the ability to take things lightly even in the darkest moments and invite others to keep a light positive outlook around them no matter what.  It is said in Native American Beliefs, Dragonflies are also held as a symbol of renewal after a time of great hardship all of which are exactly what happened 5 years ago when Shannon's husband unexpectedly passed away. Feeling devastated She felt compelled to continue to reach out and help others through her art and she sought out further education to become a certified Permanent Makeup Artist.  Additionally in September of 2017 Shannon traveled down to New Orleans to network and train with the world famous Will Anthony to learn his Smoky Lash Technique.  She also has studied to learn the art of Areola Re-pigmentation for breast cancer patients to be able to reach out to more women to help them feel whole again after the trauma of cancer.  

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We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice or more  if you need to cancel your appointment.

Dragonfly Permanent Makeup

814 S College Rd. Suite C, Wilmington, North Carolina 28403, United States

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Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

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